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SUTD cleanroom & Metrology labs

Established in Aug 2015, the is designed to facilitate the complete semiconductor process, nanofabrication and precision machining for both undergraduate and graduate students and research fellows.


Our Cleanroom is designed and constructed in accordance to FS209E Class 1000 (ISO Class 6), in compliance with all necessary supporting facilities like Building Automation System, Air Scrubber System, Waste Water Treatment System, Compressed Air System, Fire Protection System, Laboratory Fume Cupboard and Process Exhaust System, Security System and dedicated storages spaces.


We aim to support faculty as well as researchers through workshops, collaboration on research, and opportunities for sharing and learning through talks and seminars. We focus on building a community of practice at SUTD and collaboration with other universities.

The cleanroom has the following facilities:

  • ●  Fully automated cleanroom management system
  • ●  Extensive gas leak detection system
  • ●  Intensive fan filter management system
  • ●  Cleanroom equipment booking system
  • ●  Kanban consumable management techniques
  • ●  Smart gowning techniques
  • ●  Automated scheduled cleanroom hygiene
  • ●  Telescope robotic assistance
  • ●  SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Dies) implementation for critical facilities

The cleanroom has the following services:

  • ●  Electron beam lithography – e-line plus Raith nanofabrication with SEM
  • ●  Nanoscribe – 3D laser writer, Singapore’s first 3D lithography system
  • ●  Electron beam evaporator – Kurt J Lesker system
  • ●  Nano-imprinter – Nanoscience precision pattern tool
  • ●  Mask aligner – EVG610
  • ●  Physical vapour deposition –CUBE balzer sputtering mainframe


The Metrology Lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) was proposed as a centralized collaboration space. It was envisioned to support various research areas, including Chemistry, Pedagogy Innovation, Technology, and Design. The lab was part of an initiative funded by the SUTD-MIT IDC Infrastructure Grant, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary research and collaboration in the field of metrology and related sciences. This laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that are integral to the university's focus on research and education in digital manufacturing and design.