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The Experience Center located in Singapore office, showcasing the different SICK solutions and applications.  Key takeaways for visitors includes:
•    How SICK increases flexibility and productivity of our Robotics Solutions by providing vision guidance and maintaining area safety with SICK's safety solutions.
•    SICK's first steps into Industry 4,0 and IIoT, how we aim towards a future of automated digitalization with the connectivity of our IoT gateways, connectivity, SMART Sensors, Digitalization Ecosystems and Solutions.
•    The wide range of sensors which are customizable and are able to be tailored to cater to your specific AGV needs, be it simply just detection or complex localization, with our Mobile Platform Sensor Solutions.
•    SICK as a market leader in Track and Trace applications, with a wide coverage from Airports, Ports, Warehousing, Courier Express Parcels to Traffic Management with our Logistics and Traffic Sensor Solutions.
•    How SICK ensures the availability and productivity of critical equipment/machine, providing easy and early detection monitoring of machines.

More info:www.sick.com/sg